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Request forms

This page provides you with an overview of all available request forms. The variety of different forms is due to the different requirements and applications of our products.

If you are uncertain which product is right for you, try the product finder.

Products for all industries

Lift tables and column lifts


Hydraulic lift tables

  • the base type


Flat lift tables

  • low overall height


Pallet lifts

  • for lifting of pallets


Column lifts

  • at a high ratio of lift height to platform length


Loading lift tables

  • for loading and unloading of trucks

Simplified lifts (cargo, vehicles, ...)


Freight lifts

  • at the transportation of loads over several levels


Auto lifts

  • for lifting of cars

Lifting of people


Work platforms

  • e.g. for working at heights


Handicapped lifts

  • Handicapped lifts - overcoming obstacles in a wheelchair

Other products


Rotating platforms

  • for rotating heavy, bulky loads


Tilting units

  • for tilting of loads



  • for manoeuvring heavy loads


Turnover units

  • for turning over heavy, bulky loads


Theatre lifting platforms

  • for lifting of theatre platforms


Underfloor lift tables

  • for a gap-free, even joint between floor and platform

Industry-specific products

Shipping industry


Barge cranes

  • for lifting cars onto the deck


Wheelhouse lifting platforms

  • for lifting of wheelhouses