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Using a lifting platform as an elevator

Simple lift table in maintenance position

Simple lift table in maintenance position

Instead of a commercial lift table a lift always needs to be used in the following circumstances:

What are the demands to the lift?

If the above conditions are met, a simple scissor lift table may no longer be used. Instead of the EN 1570 requirements, in this case the requirements to a lift apply.
However, there are a number of other safety measures associated with the use of a freight lift. Examples of this can be a more sophisticated control system or a proper safeguard such as a fence.

Why is this important to me as a customer?

These safety measures contribute to the price of the lifts. Some competitors offer a simple lifting platform in order to obtain the contract, although a freight lift would be required. This does not represent a risk to the manufacturer, because from a legal perspective the customer is responsible for the selection of the right product.

Büter Hebetechnik wants no part of this and therefore always recommend a freight lift where it is required. We have no interest in exposing customers to the risk that the labour inspectorate locks down the plant because of safety concerns making a new purchase or major reconstruction necessary afterwards.