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Tool for determining the performance level

Performance level

Determining the performance level must be done

This does not apply to technical safety measures, which are independent of the control system. An example of this is mechanically separating protective devices.

Severity of the injury [Instructions]Severity of the injury

At this point, the effects of accidents and the normally
expected healing processes must be assumed.

Frequency and/or duration of exposure to danger [Instructions]Frequency and/or duration of exposure to danger

Reference value for the frequency
Interventions that are carried out more frequently than once per hour are usually considered frequent. However, this recommendation is not a normative value.

Exposure to danger
When dealing with the exposure to danger, the relation to the entire utilisation period of the machine must be taken into account. Examples of this are an automated machining centre and a press that is fed manually. If the machining centre only needs to be equipped once a year, the duration of exposure to danger compared to its service life is relatively short. In the press, however, the operator must regularly reach into the hazard zone during each feeding cycle and for this reason, the duration of exposure to danger compared to the service life is relatively long.

possibility of avoiding the hazard [Instructions]Possibility of avoiding the hazard or limiting the harm

This is to take into account how much time is left to the operator to respond to a possible hazard before people are injured. High speeds, for example, reduce the chance of the operator to move away from the danger area. In the evaluation, the physical boundaries and not limitations by the technical control components are considered, as they could fail.