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The product finder...

...in three steps to the right product.

Main function of the product you’re looking for?





Turn over

Support platform (static carrying)

With the help of the product finder, we want to provide you with an easy way to quickly find the right product type. Please take note of the guidelines below:

What is the main function?
Our products can also perform several functions simultaneously, if required, e.g. lifting, tilting and/or rotating a load. Selecting the right base type is dependent on the main function though. In most cases, choosing lifting as the main function is the right one, if you want to combine lifting with other functions.

What are the restrictions?
The product finder only has the products for the general sectors.
Special products are available under the sectors rail technology, shipping industry or hydromechanical engineering under the products menu item.

Please contact us for more information or for assistance in selecting the right product.