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Auto lifts

Movable auto lift on rails

Movable auto lift on rails

Auto lifts can easily be compared to the traditional freight elevator. With the only difference that the load to be transported are only cars.
This lift table design is used in both the private and the commercial sector. Private individuals often use auto lifts as an underground lift garage. In the commercial sector they are used mostly in motorcar dealerships, where they facilitate the transport of motorcars between different exhibition levels.

Optional equipment

As in the other lift table designs, Büter Hebetechnik GmbH also uses a modular design approach in its auto lifts. This allows for the easy implementation of individual requirements with features tailored to meet diverse requirements.

For auto lifts you receive, for example:

What is possible?

Since the auto lifts can be easily tailored to meet your individual requirements, a variety of applications are possible. In this regard, please refer in particular to images four to six of the second photo page.

Due to the existing space constraints a ramp could not be built to reach the underground parking spaces. To make matters worse, not only the level had to be changed, but the platform also needed to rotate.
For this reason it was decided to install an auto lift with a fully enclosed cabin and rotating substructure. The entire lifting platform is mounted on rollers and can be moved on a slewing ring around its own axis.
What is particularly convenient for the occupants of the vehicle is the fact that they do not need to get out of vehicle during the exercise, regardless of which of the three levels the vehicle is going to.