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Underground lift garages

Auto lift as underground lift garage

Auto lift as underground lift garage

Our auto lifts can be applied in various situations. Our lifting platforms are used in motorcar dealerships or in automated parking garages.

But more often, private individuals use our auto lifts to lift or lower their car into the garage or onto a different level.
If required, the lifting platform even serves as a garage.

The advantages of an underground lift garage

The reasons for using an auto lift as an underground lift garage are highly individual. The following points, however, show why an underground lift garage is superior to a standard carport or a traditional garage:

Cost effective space gain

The underground lift garage can be dimensioned so that a second car can park on the canopy. This way two cars can park on the same space.
This is particularly a great advantage in inner cities, where there is always a lack of space.

Protection of the motorcar

The concrete shaft, the underground lift garage and the surrounding earth offer maximum protection against burglars. Even if a potential thief would discover the hidden motorcar, the underground lift garage will provide him with an additional challenge.
Apart from protection against theft, the underground lift garage also offers protection against the normal weather conditions, which cars under a carport or the open sky are exposed to.


Looking at the above image, it's easy to imagine that a parked car would disturb the beautiful view of the mountains or the lake. By lowering the car into the ground, this can easily be remedied.

The canopy can virtually also be designed any which way you like. It does not matter whether you prefer specific natural stone tiles, a lawn or a simple paved surface. By choosing an individual design for the surface, the underground lift garage can be optimally integrated into the overall architecture of the property.

Surfacing options for the canopy

Our underground lift garage come with a variety of surface toppings. Our customers are already using canopies covered with tiles, asphalt, paving, mosaic, grass, concrete or metal.

Grass, paving or tile toppings, in particular, perfectly integrate the garage into the surrounding environment. So in the lowered position, the auto lift can only be identified by a thin metal edge.