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Barge cranes: Operating instructions

Barge crane with suspended vehicle

Barge crane with suspended vehicle

An operating manual comes standard with our barge cranes. However, the most important instructions about how to use the crane we would already like to highlight at this point.


Sequence of events: Lift car from ship and set down on land

The standard and correct operating procedure of the ship's crane is as follows:

  1. Bring boom in operating position.
  2. Lower the hook.
  3. Attach the load and hoist to the required height.
  4. With the boom still in its operating position, turn the ship’s crane with the load to the desired position. This is important so that the rotary drive is not damaged. This is the only way to safely operate the ship’s crane.
  5. Tilt the boom to set a car down on land, for example.
  6. If the ship’s crane has a telescopic boom, the range is increased by extending the telescope of the boom.
  7. Picking the car up on land and setting it down on board takes place in the reverse order.