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Column lifts

Column lift in lowered position

Column lift in lowered position

Are you looking for a lifting unit with high lift heights at limited platform dimensions? Then you have found the right product just now!

Customers often need a customised solution when it comes to column lifts. To us, that’s no problem. We look forward to your request.

Your advantages

Unlike a lift table, the column lift makes use of a mast instead of scissors to achieve the lift. This structural design allows for high conveying height despite the smaller platform dimensions. But this is not the only advantage. Column lifts also have a low drive-on height so that often a small ramp is sufficient to load the lift. In other words: You usually do not need a pit at all.

What you should also know

Column lifts are often can also be used as simplified freight lifts. Perhaps that's true of your application needs? Then please have a look here.