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Flat lift tables

Flat lift table: Loading without ramp plate

Flat lift table: Loading without ramp plate

In flat lift tables the name says it all. Its extremely low design profile also allows its use where a pit is not possible or desirable.
The minimum overall height of flat lift tables is approximately 80 millimetres.

For your particular application, we can select from a wide range of standard and special lift tables.
For many applications it is already sufficient to expand our base models with additional modules, such as a tilting or rotating structure.

Over a period of twenty years countless flat lift tables have already been built to customer specifications. Our staff can advise you on whether you can use a standard lift platform or if a custom design is advisable.

What you can expect...

Typical applications

Flat lift tables are used for various applications. The decision for a flat lift table is often based on whether a pit can or should be dug on site.
Due to its low height even a short ramp plate is sufficient to be able to access a flat lift table. If the lift table shall only be loaded and unloaded by pallet truck, the corresponding platform geometry is sufficient.

Flat lift tables are mainly used in industrial production. Here, lift tables are used to create ergonomic workstations for example when loading and unloading of machining centres or in the shipping department. Because flat lift tables do not make use of a pit, even the subsequent optimisation of material flow in production is easily possible.
Of course, the use of flat lift tables is not limited to the manufacturing process. Click on these photos for further examples of our extensive range.