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Simplified freight lifts

Simplified freight lift at an exhibition stand

Simplified freight lift at an exhibition stand

Freight lifts are used whenever loads must be moved over several levels. Installation can be, for example, in an on-site shaft or by using a steel grid enclosure.

The photo shows an example of a simplified freight lift, which is installed without a shaft. It is used in the assembly of the Airbus A380 in order to lift loads to the level of the aircraft. On location only the lower stopping station is equipped with a steel grid enclosure.

Flexible equipment

Büter freight lifts can be equipped with roll-up doors, folding doors, landing doors or trellised portals, as required. For the placing of access points, our designs are also very flexible. This makes the execution as through loader with two doors no problem. Please refer to our inquiry form for other equipment options.

Usual operating location

The range of applications of freight lifts is as flexible as the design. These lifts are most often used in warehouses, as well as in multi-storey industrial production plants. Simplified freight lifts are also found in the hotel industry and theatres for the delivery of goods and equipment.

Please have a good look at our photo pages to see what the diverse applications are that can be achieved by customising the design. Even lifting complete trucks is no problem to us, when it facilitates your logistics.

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