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Lifts for disabled persons with an escort

Lift for the disabled in pit with automatic roll stop

Lift for the disabled in pit with automatic roll stop

Büter Hebetechnik GmbH supplies disability lifts for the non-public sector, that is, for use in a limited circle of users. This makes it easy to overcome an existing obstacle also in a wheelchair.

Unlike ramps, disability lifts offer two simple but important advantages:

  1. They take up less space.
  2. They do not disturb the visual appearance of their environment.

Flat lift tables as base

We mostly use flat lift tables as base for our disability lifts; they have a much flatter construction compared to standard lift tables. This usually makes it unnecessary to make use of a pit. To access the platform, a short ramp plate with a small gradient is sufficient.

Retrofit installation

A retrofit installation inside or outside of a building is usually also not a problem. Due to the possibility of not needing a pit, there is usually no major structural work required.
Upon request, the drive can also be designed for 230 V household power, making the supply of three-phase power unnecessary.