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Loading lift tables

Loading lift table with automatic roll-stop

Loading lift table with automatic roll-stop

Loading lift tables are used to load and unload trucks, vans, etc. Depending on the application, the industrial trucks are raised to the height of the truck's cargo space or of the entire truck.


A loading flap on the lift table platform usually belongs to the standard equipment of a loading lift table. This bridges the existing gap between the platform and the truck and allows safe loading and unloading.

In some situations, such standard equipment is not sufficient and there additional equipment is required. For this reason, we use a sophisticated modular system in our loading lift tables to which additional features can easily be added.

Our popular optional equipment includes:

From standard lift tables to special designs

Loading lift table – with 40 tonnes load capacity

Loading lift table – with 40 tonnes load capacity

Under the standard range menu item there is a wide range of loading lift tables which are sufficient for most applications. But if you have individual dimensions or special use requirements, you have come to the right place.

There is an interesting example of a customised loading lift table on the second photo page. The lift table with the serial number 18.02384 is used at a large retailer as access to a parking garage. At the same time the loading lift table provides access to the loading dock of the supermarket.
Is the lift table in the raised horizontal position, a truck can drive up to the supermarket loading dock and unload their goods as usual. If only the rear lifting scissor is lowered, the entire platform tilted and access is provided to the entrance to the underground parking garage.
So this loading lift table fulfil two important functions in a small space. Especially if the available space is limited, or the cost of the plot is high, such a customised loading lift table provides a solution.