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Pallet lift

Two pallet lifts for Euro pallets

Two pallet lifts for Euro pallets

Whether you want to lift a Euro pallet or industrial pallet to the level of a higher-lying conveyor line, our pallet lifts are exactly the right choice.

In addition to the standard pallet lifts, we of course also offer customer-specific solutions. Simply ask us for more information!

Your advantages at a glance...

A major advantage of the pallet lift over classic lift tables is the low-slung design: For one, it dispense with the preparation of a pit, and on the other, the costs of pallet handling can be reduced. Instead of an expensive forklift, the job can be done with a standard hand pallet truck. In addition, our pallet lifts are equipped with powered roller conveyors to ensure the materials are transferred smoothly and evenly.

Perhaps of interest

Lately, flat lift tables are used more and more for pallet handling. Please have a look in our section on flat lift tables if you do not find an appropriate solution for your application here.