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Rotating platforms

Rotating platform: With custom flooring

Rotating platform: With custom flooring

Rotating platforms are used wherever heavy loads have to be rotated in a limited space. Two of the most common applications are the rotation of trains in the railway station and the rotation of cars in garages.

Customised solutions are possible

Our rotating platforms are characterised by the customised solutions they provide to meet your needs. One feature is the customised flooring to match the environment. This is primarily for use in a high-quality car garage to fit in with the overall architectural picture.

What is particularly important for industrial use is the possibility to extend its functionality, so for example our rotating platforms can be equipped with an additional lifting function.

Typical applications

Rotation of trains

The photo pages show two interesting application examples of our rotating platforms. The first pictures show a rotating platform with a diameter of fourteen metres. Not only can it rotate a load of 77 tonnes, but also lift it by about one metre. This is made possible by lift tables, which are positioned under the rotating platform.

Rotation of cars

The last pictures show a rotating platform of six metres in diameter and a load of almost four tonnes. It is used in a large garage to easily rotate the luxury vehicles to the correct position. The pre-defined position is actuated via a built-in control or by using a remote control.