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Theatre lifting platforms

Theatre lifting platform with rows of seats installed

Theatre lifting platform with rows of seats installed

Lift tables, which are used as theatre lifting platforms must meet special requirements.
The platforms must be especially rigid to ensure that there is no noticeable deflection in the often very long platform. Such deflection could create trip edges and nobody wants to watch a theatre production where the actors are constantly tripping – unless of course it is required by the script.

Our theatre lifting platforms have been developed in close cooperation with representatives of the theatre industry, thus meeting the requirements of the industry. Besides their extremely high rigidity, our lift tables are also very versatile.
This allows us to provide customised platform geometries. Another important feature is the smooth movement of up to four different lift positions, without the risk of compression and extension of the platform.

If we have piqued your interest, please visit the photo page, with images that include theatre lifting platforms with a capacity of nearly 18 tonnes or with a platform surface area of about 25 square metres.