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Tilting units

Tilting unit with a payload of 40 tonnes

Tilting unit with a payload of 40 tonnes

Tilting units are available as tilt platforms in normal lift tables, as well as in the form of pure tilters.

Here, the possibilities are as varied as the various designs and types. Tilting units are used, for example, when coils weighing several tonnes must be placed erect, but also when mesh box pallets should be tilted so that employees can reached the stored material.

From base model to customised design

Its wide-ranging application is mainly based on the extension options of the basic model using special attachments. Büter Hebetechnik also supplies rotating platforms, prismatic superstructures as well as rail undercarriages for the tilting units.

For the variations that can be produced with the extensions, please visit our photo pages. There you will find tilting units in different sizes and with different platform geometries.

The list of highlights is but a small sample of what awaits you in the photos: