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Undercarriage with integrated lifting platform

Undercarriage with integrated lifting platform

An undercarriage is used when heavy loads must be moved in a confined space. They are characterised by extremely high load capacity and unique manoeuvrability.

On request a lifting platform can be also be mounted on the undercarriage to allow for not only moving the load, but also lifting it. On the adjacent photo you can see such a possible combination of lift table and undercarriage.

Manoeuvrability for heavy loads

The excellent manoeuvrability of the undercarriages allow precise handling even of heavy loads. This is achieved through the various actuation options of the platform, which can be provided with the following types of controls:

Customised to your needs

Through the flexible design the undercarriages can be customised to fit your requirements. This applies particularly to the outer dimensions and the required load capacity. But there are also interesting equipment options for the drive. For example, the drive can be powered by three-phase current via a cable drum, or with its own battery power.

For an example of an equipped undercarriage, click here.