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Undercarriage: Example of equipment

Undercarriage with integrated lifting platform

Undercarriage with integrated lifting platform

Our undercarriages are tailored to the customer’s needs. To give you a better understanding of the undercarriages, we will explain one of the versions here.

Driving mode

This undercarriage can have front-wheel and all-wheel steering, drive sideways and with crab steering, as well as turn on the spot. Two diagonally opposite wheels are driven electro-hydraulically via an integrated planetary gear. All four wheels have their own steering drive.

Technical data

Power is supplied via a spring cable drum, but we can also supply battery-powered undercarriages. The dimensions and load capacity of the undercarriages can be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Dimensions (w/l/h) 3.540mm/4.000mm/600mm
Payload 10.000 kg
Speed 1 4 m/min
Speed 2 15 m/min
Control system Siemens S7-300

The dimensions of the pictured undercarriage can easily be adjusted to match container measurements, so that they can be easily shipped everywhere.